In Camera or not In Camera

One of my biggest frustrations with the portraits I used to take a few months ago was the kind of unrealistic look of the image. This frustration can become even more deeper when you start recalling the photograph’s situation back in your memory and when you look at the picture you immediately realize that the colors and light that you were able to see with your naked eye just do not match with what you now see on your monitor.

AWB (Auto White Balance) can be the most trickiest thing to handle when it comes to the Portraits and specially the ones taken indoor. Skin Tones, color saturation, and the background light can be heavily influenced by the camera’s inbuilt capability to decide which could be the best settings to use under certain situations. Though these DSLR Cameras have come a long way to get you the best possible AWB settings they still fail from time to time.

It also depends on which brand (Canon, Nikon, Sony and etc) and what model of Camera you use. Canon 60D, Canon 7D and other Rebel Series are quite known for their tendency towards applying an annoying Orange Contrast to the AWB. While Canon 5Dx series is often known for its wonderful AWB settings, one of the biggest criticism for its rival Nikon D800 is the tendency of running towards a bit Greenish effect when it comes to applying AWB specially the indoor shots.

Thats exactly where (in my opinion) shooting with RAW Images and knowing how tools such as Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Lightroom or Photo Ninja (relatively less known) can come in really handy. As they say, no Photographing Kit is ever complete without a Professional Image Editing Program and thats what happens here …

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